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How to Pick the Right General Contractor for your Large Capital Project? Proven Experience, Sufficient Staffing, and 24/7 Communications

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5 Crucial Items To Expect From Your Contractor

Want to Avoid Home Remodeling or new home construction project nightmares? Rule #1: Never hire a contractor that says “We’ll give you the lowest price”. Do you really want the lowest bidder disrupting your life for months? You’ll end up with poor quality workmanship or materials or both. Look for a fair price from someone who shares your values, not just someone willing to cut corners.

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What Most Contractors Don’t Want You To Know About Their Communication Process… (Hint: They Don’t Have a Process).

The last thing you want is to be chasing after your Contractor for information related to your project. Look for reliability right out of the gate: from your very first call to the first meeting with a Contractor.

Look for on-time arrival, showing up when promised, 24/7access, returned calls quickly, and speedy email turnaround. At Global Construction, we have the most sophisticated software that provides transparency and accountability, so our clients never feel out of the loop.

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Our Process

Phone Consultation

Let’s face it: It’s really all about your needs, your family and your lifestyle requirements. During our first call, we’ll collect some very basic information such as the age of the property, where the project is located, what your expected start date is, and some of the specifics of the project in detail. It is important to make sure our company is a good fit for you in that very first call.

On-site Review

Of course, we’ll inspect the property and check all existing conditions. But really, this is your opportunity to learn more about Global Construction and how we are different from other Contractors. We don’t want you to experience any surprises, so we take time to share our process so your project will be completed on tie and on budget

Planning and Design

Careful and methodical Construction planning and design are probably the most important aspects of a successful project. Some Contractors pay less attention to this crucial step and it can lead to homeowner frustrations, cost overruns and project failure. If the project’s materials, timeline and quality controls are properly planned in advance, it will be set up for success

Project Completion

We make sure everybody involved is aware of all schedules in real time using our Client Login software for project management. This allows the property owner to know exactly what will happen, when it will happen and how long it will take. We mobilize all our resources and report on the timing of every action and every phase so you’re never out of the loop




Residential remodeling with Global Construction serves all in the Denver, CO region with their construction, restoration, and various remodeling needs. From the full build of a home, to a simple kitchen or bathroom remodel, Global Construction always works to the highest standard to produce the exact stylish, secure, and long lasting project you’re looking for.



Commercial businesses of the Denver, CO region use their buildings to represent their brand. Our Global Construction commercial building and remodeling services help Denver, CO businesses to have the physical structures they need to represent themselves to clients, customers, and investors with pride. Whether you need a simple remodel, or a full restoration, our Global Construction expertise makes your construction dreams a reality.



The roof is one of the most important parts of any structure. It’s tasked with protecting your Denver, CO home or business from the elements, and allowing a roof to fall into disrepair can cause multitudes of damage to your property with shocking rapidity. Our Global Construction roofing services help to keep your Denver, CO property protected, and ensures your roof is always in good standing.



Bringing buildings of Denver, CO back to their original glory is an art, and one that should only be undertaken by professionals in the field. Our Global Construction restoration services focus on individual structures and their uniqueness, which allows us to restore each structure in the kind of way that brings back to life all of its best attributes.

How to Pick The Right Contractor For Your Denver Area Remodel or Construction Project

Are you Property Owner, Maintenance Manager or a Senior Project Director responsible for large capital projects in the Denver, CO area? If so, you probably have one thing in common: You want any construction company you work with to simply give you straight answers every single time. You don’t want to hear about missing subs, or lost time or budget creep. You simply want you project completed on time and on budget. With Global Construction, your Denver Area construction project is designed and built with no surprises. Period. Call us to learn more about helping you build your next office building, multi-family housing complex or even build, remodel or add to your luxury home.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Lewis Del Ponte
    Dennis was a life saver! I encountered an issue with another contractor I hired. Dennis came in and not only corrected the issues left by the other guy, but finished the job on schedule and on budget. I would recommend Dennis and Global Construction to anyone and everyone needing a work done to a home. These guys are true professionals!
    Lewis Del Ponte
    Home Owner
  • Basia D.
    The crew is very knowledgeable, professional, kind, and courteous; like having family over. They literally took care of everything. Since then, they have added laundry and re routed plumbing. Thank you for restoring function in our home. We look forward to doing more business with them in the future. We highly recommend Global Construction!
    Basia D.
    Home Owner
  • Ben B.
    We hired this crew to remodel the house we would move into. I remodel homes for a living so I wanted the right crew. I called around 70 contractors, had about 12 come out and give me bids, and went with Global. Everything went great and they did quality work. I’ve already referred them to a friend and will undoubtedly use them again on an investment property.
    Ben B.
    Business Owner

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