FAQs in Denver, CO

  • How Do We Start the Construction Process With Your Company?

    Every project begins with a free initial consultation. We’ll review your needs and goals and draw up a basic estimate of what it will cost and how long it will take, then present that proposal to you.

  • What Kind Of Permits Will I Need To Have In Order To Complete My Project?

    Different projects may require different types of permits to be pulled. We handle that for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing other than relaxing as your project is finished.

  • What Sets You Apart From Other Contractors In The Area?

    We treat every one of our clients like family. We value quality, reliability, fair pricing, professionalism, and trustworthiness. We don’t’ make promises we can’t keep

  • What Kind Of Construction Do You Handle At GC Construction?

    In a word – everything. We do commercial, residential, additions, luxury remodels, basement remodels, pop top additions, and more. No matter what kind of construction project you have, we can help.

  • I Have a Remodel Project. Will I Have to Leave My Home While You Work?

    The short answer is probably not. Unless a remodel ends up leaving you without basic utilities such as a bathroom for a period of time, you can usually stay in your home while we handle the process.

  • I’ve Heard Of Pop Top Construction. What is That, Exactly?

    It’s nothing more than us adding an entire second story to your existing Denver, CO one story home. It’s an effective way to increase your space significantly without taking away your lawn space.

  • Will I Be In The Loop During The Construction Process?

    Absolutely! We actually offer online access to you so you can review everything from videos to progress photos to our construction calendar online. And you can always visit the Denver, CO job site if you want to see it up close and personal.

  • Will The Remodel Leave My Home In A Huge, Dusty Mess?

    Not at all. We set up dust barriers for remodel projects and we will never leave a home until we clean up all debris and trash. You get an addition that leaves your home looking beautiful.

  • How Long Will Ground Up New Construction Take?

    There is really no way to answer this without doing an estimate for you based on blueprints. But, we can promise that once we start a project, we don’t leave until it’s finished.

  • What Other Contractors Will I Need For Other Construction Aspects?

    None! We’re a total contractor service. You don’t have to find someone else for anything – our team handles drywall, plumbing, insulation, concrete, framing, and every other part of the construction process.


The 5 Common Fairy Tales You'll Hear From Most Denver Area Contactors

BEWARE: Never choose a Contractor for your next Commercial building project that uses these 5 words: “Our regular business hours are…..” The truth is, life doesn’t simply stop after 5pm or on weekends.

When looking to pick the right contractor, never choose one that uses these 5 words: “Our regular business hours are…..” The truth is, life doesn’t simply stop after 5pm or on weekends. Look for a contractor that’s there for you 24 / 7 . You should be able to speak to a live person - not to an answering machine - whenever you choose.

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5 Common Fairy Tales You'll Hear From Most Contactors
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