Design + Planning

In broad terms, design is the process of outlining and defining the details of the project, usually represented by detailed plans and specifications. Construction planning is a process of identifying activities and resources required to make the design a physical reality.

Design phase or commonly known as a pre-construction phase is crucial for any commercial construction project. Whether it is a construction of a new Mixed-Use facility, expansion of an existing senior living facility, or a capital expenditure of an outdated Memory Care facility you need a team of professionals that you can trust with the pre-construction phase to set you up for success. The key to any successful construction project is to have a strong design, clearly outlined plan, realistic budget, and accurate and thought though schedule.

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Several characteristics are unique to the planning of constructed facilities and must be accounted for in the design and planning process. These include:

  • Project Duration, Scope, and Possibility of Changes
  • Site Specifications
  • Locational Conditions
  • Service Life and Future Conditions

The choice of construction technology and method involves both strategic and tactical decisions about appropriate technologies and the best sequencing of operations. We understand that construction planning must lead the development of facility designs, the preparation of cost estimates, and bid formations by contractors.