How To Open Up Your Kitchen


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How To Open Up Your Kitchen

August 29, 2019

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How To Open Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of any home, for several reasons. Food is prepared here, a family can sometimes choose to dine here, bonding over the events of the day and last, but certainly not least, the condition of a kitchen can play an important role in determining the investment/purchase value of a home.

This is why for many people when they choose to renovate a home to add value to it, a kitchen is a popular room to choose. Unlike other rooms, which can have furniture moved in and out to change the look and function, a kitchen is dated by the look of its fixtures and appliances. One way to add a lot of value and dramatically change the look of a kitchen quickly is to remodel it with an open kitchen concept in mind. If you’re thinking of doing this, here are a few factors that affect the success of your project

Tear Down Walls

This is the most obvious and drastic way to open up kitchen space, especially for an older home that was built in an era of smaller kitchens to emphasize the dining room. Taking down a wall or two is one of the best ways to open up a kitchen because it gives you so much more control over the process.

By tearing down the walls, you can now determine just how big you’d like the new kitchen to be. It’s a bit more work, since it involves a redistribution of space, but gives you more options for the placement of kitchen furnishings, and more potential to play with.

Natural Light

If you don’t have them already, adding bigger or more windows to a kitchen has a big effect on opening the space up during the daytime. This is sometimes a better option for people that may have issues with removing walls if a beam is present, and thus required for supporting the structure of the home. 

Sunlight through the windows is something that people automatically respond to. With the ability to see more of the outside, a kitchen feels less claustrophobic. If the backdoor is present in the kitchen, you may even want to open it up, make a sliding door into the yard to bring in more light. A skylight is also a way to achieve this if the home allows for it.

Get Rid Of Soffits

In a kitchen, a soffit is a structure that comes down from the ceiling and covers the top portion of cabinets. This was a common addition in older homes, both as a way to hide wiring and other infrastructure, as well as provide additional protection.

By removing the soffits in an older home, you can add a greater sense of space to the kitchen. Soffits often “close up” a kitchen and claim space that isn’t required. Getting rid of soffits can make your ceiling feel less cramped, and may even give you some new cabinet options

A kitchen remodel can be a major undertaking, but with the right planning, it can be one of the most useful and financially savvy investments you can make in your home. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, call Global Construction, and let us make it a success  

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