How To Remodel For A Growing Family


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How To Remodel For A Growing Family

August 23, 2019

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How To Remodel For A Growing Family

It’s not unusual for people who get together and decide to spend their lives in a relationship to move into their home. However, there can be some real challenges with managing that space, especially if there’s a new decision to start a family and bring more members into the household.

This can sometimes necessitate looking at the current home and deciding to spend the money remodeling to accommodate the new residents. Done right, however, this can not only open up more space in the home to make room for everyone; it can even add value to the in the event you ever decide to sell. Here are some places that can a little more value to your home while opening up your space possibilities.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and in terms of home value, also one of the most important for raising the sale price. If you find you’re going to need more space for your kitchen, especially in an older home, one popular technique is taking down a wall or two, and make the kitchen an open concept space.

This often has the bonus of making it easier for people in the kitchen to interact with those outside, as well as providing more room for a bigger table. It can also lead the way for new kitchen additions, such as an island counter, or other features that can dramatically improve the space.

A Bathroom

One concern with new additions to a home is the increased need for more bathrooms. When everyone is getting ready to go to work or school at roughly the same time in the morning, bathroom access can be critical. One way to offset this is through the addition of a “water closet.”

In some cases, building an entirely new, dedicated bathroom, especially on a ground floor that has no such space, can be very expensive and demanding. But if you find a smaller space, and renovate it to fit a toilet and bathroom sink, forgoing the shower stall or bathtub, this gives you an additional bathroom option and also gives you a place for guests to use when they have visitors so that not everyone has to go upstairs.

Finishing Rooms

Finally, way to get your home ready for a new addition is to look at the unfinished parts of your home and complete the job. The basement, after all, occupies all the space that your first floor does, so if it’s currently unfinished, you can move a home office or home theater system to take advantage of that space, and free up the smaller rooms in the rest of the home.

In the same way, if you have an attic, this is another space that offers is taking possibilities while freeing up existing rooms within the home. The great thing about these spaces is that they are large enough to accommodate many different needs, and can even if required to make smaller rooms.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your home to get it ready for your new addition, let us help! Contact Global Construction and let us see what kinds of new possibilities we can bring to life in your home. 

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