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At Global Construction, your Centennial remodeling contractor specializes in basement finishing projects. An unfinished basement presents a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to increase their enjoyment of your Centennial, CO home. When your basement is unfinished, it is essentially a blank canvas upon which you and your family can readily express your unique identity.

Our professional basement finishing team will work with you at every stage of the project in order to ensure that your family’s vision of your new basement becomes a reality. We can customize this space to meet any of your design and utilitarian goals. After our expertly performed services, you and your family will have increased living space and more entertainment opportunities. Your Centennial, CO home will substantially increase in value, and you will enjoy the benefits of our expertly performed basement remodeling services for the life of your property.

Call us today if you are considering finishing your Centennial, CO basement. Our staff is here to help you in any way that they can and is happy to answer any questions you may have about how our remodeling services can benefit you. We can set up your appointment today.

Basement Remodeling & Finishing

Our Centennial basement remodeler team has the experience and skill necessary to maximize the benefits of your basement renovation project. We understand the unique characteristics aspects of your basement that must be addressed during the task. By keeping these inherent qualities in mind, we will perform the highest quality services for you and your family.

When we assess your basement at the beginning of the project, we will take the necessary steps to address moisture issues that are commonly prevalent in Centennial, CO basements. We have the ability to redesign the room in a waterproof fashion to ensure the longest-lasting, lowest-maintenance end product. If moisture is prevalent in your basement, we will use waterproof materials.

Our basement remodelers are also adept licensed plumbers, so we can install a sump pump and repair plumbing problems before completing your basement remodeling project. In this way, we save you the time, money, and hassle of hiring multiple contractors for one job.

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    Quality is a priority in every basement finishing project completed by our Global Construction professionals. From the beginning stages of your finishing project, like drafting your vision, to the finishing touches, we want to provide the same unparalleled quality to every Centennial, CO client we serve. A q uality project is one that leaves clients happy from beginning to end

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    Our basement finishing services are completed by a team of professionals that prioritize the service we provide to our clients. For any Centennial, CO resident looking f or a basement finishing project completion, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best service possible when you choose to go with Global Construction for your job.

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    Transparency & Communication

    At Global Construction, we believe that transparency and communication is the single best way to ensure your complete satisfaction. When working with our Centennial, CO clients, we keep you informed throughout the entire process of finishing your area basement in an effort to make sure your project is exactly what you’ve dreamed of

We Know Lighting & Plumbing

Another unique characteristic of common basements is the absence of natural lighting. Our professionals know the expert methods by which to illuminate your newly finished basement in Centennial, CO. We can help you with perimeter lighting, sconces, recessed lighting, and LED fixtures. After our superior basement lighting renovation services, we will ensure that the lighting makes the room a welcoming place while facilitating all the uses to which you put the room.

Our Centennial, CO basement finishers, being licensed plumbers, also have the ability to address the unique plumbing needs of your soon-to-be finished basement. Oftentimes, your basement will require plumbing that flows upward. A remodeler without plumbing expertise can struggle with this task. Our Centennial, CO contractors will ensure that all of your plumbing fixtures installed during the basement remodeling project will have an optimal plumbing system to accommodate all of your needs.

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