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As Centennial’s top-rated custom home builder, you can have the new luxury home you’ve always wanted. Global Construction will work side by side with you to develop a unique design concept so the custom features can be incorporated into the build. We have a full staff of professionals with many years of experience in the Centennial, CO custom home construction industry. You can count on us throughout the process to make sure all your goals are accomplished.

We love building new Centennial, CO custom homes for customers, so we truly look forward to making this a fun and exciting experience for you! If you would like to get started with a consultation where we can explain our design and build process further, please contact us today.

Working with our Home Designer

As a top-rated custom home builder, our number one priority is to glean all the information we can about your unique design tastes and goals. This is a one-on-one process where our designer works closely with you to develop a plan that will be used to build your Centennial, CO home.

You will have access to expert design advice to help with all the decisions you need to make, from the layout of the house to the last decorative feature. When you are satisfied, we then incorporate the finished design into your custom home building plan. Our architect will be an important asset in designing your new custom home Centennial, CO.

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    Local & Reputable Home Builder

    Local to the Centennial, CO region, our Global Construction homebuilders are here to serve the area with a reputation to back it up. With a local and reputable homebuilder at your side, families of the region can enjoy a trustworthy and enriching experience during the construction or renovation of their space

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    Master Craftsmen

    With master craftsmen making up our team at Global Construction, Centennial, CO clients can rest assured that their job is not just done, but done right and built to last. From the foundation to the roof, our master craftsmen put their years of experience and expertise into every job Global Construction takes on

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    Expert Specialists

    Global Construction’s expert specialists ensure that every bit of your construction or remodel has been completed correctly and with quality as a priority. From plumbing and electric, to the roofing that keeps your home safe from the elements, expert specialists oversee every step of these delicate construction processes to ensure the very best results.

Fully Managed Project

We manage your Centennial, CO home building project completely from start to finish. There will be a lot involved in order to ensure that the project finishes according to your time and budget goals. Our construction crew and project manager are very familiar with the national and Centennial, CO local building codes. This helps the construction process to go smoothly and finish on time. Because of our many years of experience in the Centennial, CO custom home building industry, you will enjoy high-quality craftsmanship and a project that is fully managed by experts.

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When looking to pick the right contractor, never choose one that uses these 5 words: “Our regular business hours are…..” The truth is, life doesn’t simply stop after 5pm or on weekends. Look for a contractor that’s there for you 24 / 7 . You should be able to speak to a live person - not to an answering machine - whenever you choose.

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