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As a Denver luxury home builder we know all projects are time and labor intensive, so it is important that you are working with a partner that you trust. Global will work side by side with you to develop a unique design concept that matches your dreams.

Why Choose GCC

Whether your home needs a complete refresh, a partial restoration or you are starting from scratch, as Denver’s premier luxury home builder, Global Construction has a team of experts that apply meticulous attention to detail to accomplish all your needs. As with every project we finish, elevating the design of your Denver, CO home is guided by understanding who you are, your lifestyle, and what is important to your home. As an experienced Denver, CO luxury home builder, Global will get you to your luxury home build, custom home, luxury kitchen remodel, or any other luxury construction project.

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    Your basement can become your favorite room in the home with the work of the right construction contractor. Our Global Construction construction and remodeling experts can turn any Denver, CO basement into a room that brings real value to your space. Whether your basement was once finished, or simply used for storage, the luxury basement of your dreams is just a call away.

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    Living Rooms

    An updated living room can breathe fresh life into your Denver, CO home. Our Global Construction living room restorations and remodels can transform the space you and your family use to spend quality time together. Using your design vision and our experience, you’ll get the luxurious living room area you’ve always wanted for your home.

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    Kitchens & Bathrooms

    Most Denver, CO residents may not realize it, but the kitchen and the bathroom are the two most used spaces in any home. Global Construction luxury kitchen and bathroom remodels update and improve spaces to give new life to any residence. For those looking to sell their homes, a fresh kitchen or bathroom remodel adds monetary value while making your space more attractive to prospective buyers.

Quality Materials

We employ a team of highly skilled workers that are fully licensed and insured to work on every aspect of your Denver, CO luxury home build. We have built our business and reputation on high-quality materials, top craftsmanship, and strict deadlines to get in and out quickly and safely while making lasting projects that please your eye.

From discovery to design and construction, Global’s ideas and communication will build trust and exceed expectations for everyone involved in building your luxury home.

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The 5 Common Fairy Tales You'll Hear From Most Denver Area Contactors

When looking to pick the right contractor, never choose one that uses these 5 words: “Our regular business hours are…..” The truth is, life doesn’t simply stop after 5pm or on weekends. Look for a contractor that’s there for you 24 / 7 . You should be able to speak to a live person - not to an answering machine - whenever you choose.

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5 Common Fairy Tales You'll Hear From Most Contactors
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