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Disasters can strike in an instant in Centennial, CO and are stressful moments in life. No matter the disaster, Global Construction provides restoration services to help pick up the pieces, clean up the mess, and rebuild. Whether you are a Centennial, CO homeowner, business owner, or insurance adjuster, Global focuses on serving all customer recoveries.

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Our Centennial, CO response team is fully-trained and ready to take on all of your emergency needs. 24 hours-a-day, 7-days a week, our professionals are fast responding and will hold your hand while we ensure your property is taken care of.

Our Centennial, CO trained experts will work with industry professionals and insurance companies on behalf of owners to assess and document property loss in an easy manner. Global has a long history of proven and successful recovery and restoration projects and retains high quality talent to help with all customer questions.

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    Hail/Roof damage restoration

    When hail sweeps through the Centennial, CO region, Global Construction is here to take care of the damage. Hail damage to the roof of your property can leave your space vulnerable.

  2. 2

    Fire damage restoration

    Global Construction restoration services take care of the damages caused by fire. Get your space back after fire does its worst

  3. 3

    Floods damage restoration

    To basements and lower floors, flood damage can spell disaster for any Centennial, CO property. Global Construction services takes care of restoration after the flood

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    Sewage damage repair

    With specialists on hand to take care of your sewage damage, your Centennial, CO property is restored to a happy, healthy, and safe state once again

  5. 5

    Blizzard / wind damage repair

    Fast, compassionate, and quality blizzard and wind damage repair gets your home back to its safe state during the cold weather season in Centennial, CO

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    Odors removal

    After a sewage incident or fire, odors may be left behind in your Centennial, CO property. Odor removal services restore your space to a healthy state

Our Accomodations

When displaced from your home due to a natural disaster, you need the comfort of a roof over your head. Global has created partnerships with the industry leading hotel chains and will save you time in booking and accommodating your in Centennial, CO family.

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When looking to pick the right contractor, never choose one that uses these 5 words: “Our regular business hours are…..” The truth is, life doesn’t simply stop after 5pm or on weekends. Look for a contractor that’s there for you 24 / 7 . You should be able to speak to a live person - not to an answering machine - whenever you choose.

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5 Common Fairy Tales You'll Hear From Most Contactors
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