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Kapella Roofing is our roofing division here at Global Construction. Kapella Roofing is the Centennial roofing company you can rely on! We are a full-service Centennial roofing company that takes pride in our work. You will have a team of dedicated roofing contractors with experience and ethical values. Many of our Centennial, CO roofing contractors have been around for decades, so you know you are getting quality workmanship, a well-supervised crew, and durable quality-made roofing products.

It can be stressful when you need help with this most important structure of your home, especially when it’s an emergency situation. Let us put your worries at ease by providing you with the type of roofing service you can depend on. We offer a full line of services including emergency roof repairs, roof inspections, roof replacements, and new installations. When the need arises, call Kapella Roofing at 303-619-7640.

Roof Repairs

Our Centennial, CO roofing contractors are adept at repairing all types of roofing systems. If it’s time for a roof replacement, we are able to offer you the best roofing products for your particular budget and can help you find the right style to make your home more beautiful.

If you have roof leaks, wind damage, or storm damage in Centennial, we are available around the clock to take care of your emergency roof repairs. After storm damage, it’s highly important to call a local Centennial, CO roofer for an inspection. The report you receive about the condition of your roof will be important for filing an insurance claim or getting financing. We will send out a certified roof inspector so you have the written documentation you need and an estimate from our local roofing company.

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    GAF Certified Roofers

    With a team of GAF Certified roofers, you can always rest assured your project has been done correctly with Global Construction. For Centennial, CO home and business owners, your roof is what protects your property from the elements, and only certified roofers should be trusted with the completion of your roofing project

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    24/7 Emergency Repairs

    After a storm rolls through the Centennial, CO region, your roof could be left in a damaged or vulnerable state. Global Construction provides 24/7 emergency repairs with our GAF Certified roofers to stabilize your roof and complete any repairs necessary to remedy the damage that has been done at any time of the day or night.

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    Residential & Commercial

    Global Construction roofing services serve both commercial and residential clients of the Centennial, CO region. This allows us to protect all property owners of the region with the roofing services they need whe ther they’re dealing with sudden damage or a much-needed roof updating project. With transparency as a priority, you’ll always be kept in the know regarding your residential or commercial roofing job

Certified Roof Inspector

Global Restoration, LLC is your go-to source for Centennial Roof Inspections. Our certified inspectors are master roofers who are specialists in the Colorado roofing industry. It is important to call for service if you haven’t had an inspection done in the last year or two or anytime after suspected storm damage.

There are many advantages to having a roof inspection done by a certified Centennial roofing contractor. Inspections can tell you everything there is to know about the structure of your entire roof so you know what to expect from it in terms of longevity when not affected by storm damages. Professional Roof inspections are important after storms to ensure you have the documentation you need for insurance and loan purposes. And a roof inspection should always be done when you’re considering buying or selling. Not every roofer can give you a professional roof inspection.

To take the best possible care of your home, you need to know what condition your rooftop is in. So let our pros take care of a professional roof inspection every year and following any severe weather related activity.

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